Mark Zuckerberg and Will Cathcart confirm to WABetaInfo 3 features to come on WhatsApp!

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WhatsApp has unexpectedly reached out to me to confirm that some important features are coming on WhatsApp! Let’s discover the amazing story below.


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Topic about? Disappearing Mode, View Once and Multi Device
Article for? WhatsApp for Android, iOS and Web
Previous news? WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new? New ban reasons when violating the Commerce Policy!

Some days ago WhatsApp reached out to me to ask if we could move on WhatsApp to discuss new features to come on the application. We used WhatsApp to chat in a group with the WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart!
We started to chat, but I felt so weird because this was an amazing experience. The chat starts with a message from Will, where he thanks me for my work reporting news and WhatsApp features.

My curiosity is born because WhatsApp is the app I used more, and I really hated static change logs on the store like “bug fixes and performance improvements”, a very common practice for all apps. I thought “there should be a way to discover what’s really new in an update” and this is how WABetaInfo is born. WABetaInfo was 5 years old this January, but I’m around the scenes for a long time before. I remember I was very inexperienced and I gained more skill in discovering news in these years. It’s very funny to discover what’s new and share it with people.

But… something more unexpected happened… Mark Zuckerberg joins the group chat to confirm some features! I couldn’t have imagined something similar, I was so anxious!

Let’s go into the detail now. Mark Zuckerberg claims that the most important interaction people have is around private messaging. After rolling out disappearing messages, they’re working on developing other features to keep chat and messages more private:

In this screenshot, we can see that Mark Zuckerberg confirms that a disappearing mode is coming to WhatsApp, that automatically enables ephemeral messages in new chat threads.

Mark Zuckerberg also confirms that View Once will be rolled out soon, so the recipient can only open your photos and videos once before they disappear from the chat:

These features are coming for WhatsApp beta users soon! Well, I was in a group chat with Will Cathcart and Mark Zuckerberg. I thought I should take advantage of it, asking something about multi device. WhatsApp is working on the possibility to use your WhatsApp account on different devices, without an active Internet Connection. Mark Zuckerberg explains that “it’s been a big technical challenge to get all your messages and content to sync”, and it will be rolled out soon!

After asking if I could take some screenshots for you, Will Cathcart confirms that multi device will be rolled out in a public beta within two months!

This conversation was amazing. Will Cathcart and Mark Zuckerberg were so kind to me, but I love my followers and readers, so I had other 3 questions…

Will Cathcart confirms that:

  • WhatsApp on iPad might be supported thanks to multi device!
  • They will consider to open the beta up to some more iOS users soon.
  • You can connect up to 4 linked devices using multi device! This answer confirms our previous news.

It was amazing, and it’s amazing to share this story and news with you. Thanks to follow WABetaInfo and stay tuned for many other announcements!


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