About WABetaInfo

What is WABetaInfo?

WABetaInfo (also called WBI) was founded on January 15, 2016 on Twitter to independently announce news about WhatsApp, their updates and new features.
As time passes, WABetaInfo has gained reliability: its name is all over the Internet and he started to fight against fake news around WhatsApp.
To improve the information service, WABetaInfo created this website on June 3, 2017, with several other improvements (for example the TestFlight page).
On March 1, 2018, WABetaInfo created a Discord server to be near the community, including many useful services.
Today, the Discord server has about 10,000 members, WABetaInfo has more than 80,000 followers on Twitter and it's considered the main news portal about WhatsApp.

Who is behind WABetaInfo?

The identity of WABetaInfo is private to keep his life quiet, but the family of WABetaInfo is very large, mentioned in the Hall of Fame page.

Where to find WABetaInfo?

WABetaInfo has created several accounts, mentioned below.