Spotted the WhatsApp for iPad official app, under development!


WhatsApp has recently released a new official update for the iOS app on the App Store, bringing the version number up to 2.19.40.
This update includes bug fixes and general improvements mainly, but we are writing this article to announce something great that’s under development: let’s discuss about it now ..


  • The iPad support is not available yet.
  • WhatsApp is working on the iPad support since a few weeks, adding a lot of improvements. For this reason it’s ok if you try to search “WhatsApp” on the App Store from your iPad and you don’t see results or you see that the app is not compatible.
  • The support might be available in the next beta updates on TestFlight. If you want to join the WhatsApp Messenger beta program on TestFlight (but the beta program is full), you can consider to join my Discord Server, in order to receive push notifications when slots are available, or check out my TestFlight page every day.

We are happy to be the first to announce that WhatsApp is finally working on a real iPad support!
We previously announced a semi-compatible iPad app that worked using WhatsApp Web (so your iPhone needed to be connected to the Internet), but WhatsApp has wisely decided to provide this final solution, at moment. In future the other app should be available as well, allowing the user to use the same number on iPad and iPhone, using WhatsApp Web.
But how can we use the iPad app? As mentioned in our Important Notice, the app is not available yet and the compatibility will be added in future (for all iPad models!), but we got our hands on the exclusive iPad app for you!

After installing the iPad app, we can open WhatsApp, and the usual log in screen is presented.
After registering our account on WhatsApp (using a different phone number), WhatsApp for iPad is ready to be used. WhatsApp for iPad has exactly the same features of the main app, but with an iPad UI compatibility.


The chats screen is the first redesigned section, supporting a split view:

WhatsApp for iPad is also available in Landscape mode:

And it’s particularly easy to chat with a contact:

Using this new UI, very similar to Facebook Messenger, the user can chat and give a look to other chats at the same time.



The calls screen allows the user to directly read details of your incoming and outgoing calls:


The Status screen hasn’t a split view, probably it is unnecessary or it will be implemented before the release:


You can navigate in WhatsApp Settings using the new split view:


WhatsApp for iPad supports the same features implemented in the main app for iPhone: this is because the support will be included in the iPhone app.
For example, I show here the support for Voice Calls and Touch ID, but all features are supported, really!

The only difference is that the Camera tab is just available in the iPhone app.
We don’t know yet when WhatsApp is going to release the iPad compatibility update for everyone, seen that the iPad support is still under development, but we will be happy to announce when it’s available!


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