WhatsApp to support mentions notification in groups

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How many times you received a lot of notifications in a group (for example 100 or more messages) and you decided to not read all them messages?
Soon a new feature will be available that will allow you to quickly find and read only messages where you were mentioned, so all messages sent in the group for you.

It is no secret that WhatsApp is currently working to improve groups, adding many features that will be available in future (for example group calls and features for administrators that will allow to manage better the group), but today, after the new update on AppStore (you can read the full changelog for the 2.18.10 update here) we have discovered a new upcoming useful feature: the mentions notification in groups.

Introducing the feature, when someone mentions you in a group and you open it, if there will be a lot of messages before the message where you are mentioned, you will immediately notice a new button: this button will allow you to jump all messages where you aren’t mentioned, highlighting the one interested.

Mention Notification button

The button will appear only if all messages where you are mentioned hasn’t been already read and if these messages aren’t visible in the chat (so the user should scroll up the chat in order to find them).
Pressing it, WhatsApp will directly view the next message where you are mentioned, until there won’t be other messages that contain a mention for you.

Note that WhatsApp is still developing and improving this feature and it will be available in next updates: so don’t worry if you aren’t able to find it yet, you aren’t wrong.
And, if you are an Android or Windows Phone user, don’t worry: this feature will be also added in your platform. Stay tuned!

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