WhatsApp is rolling out new text message formatting tools for the web client


In the past few weeks, WhatsApp has released new text formatting tools to improve messaging capabilities to support code blocking, quoting specific text, and creating text lists. This feature is available to some beta testers who previously joined the official beta program of WhatsApp Web.


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? New text formatting tools
Status? Rolling out
Compatibility? WhatsApp Web beta 2.2350 is a compatible update, but some users may experiment with the same feature by using certain previous updates.
I have updated my version of WhatsApp but I don’t have this feature. Why? This feature is available to some beta testers and it’s rolling out to more people over the coming days.
Thanks: Sc and Elementary Pancake, for testing and reporting!
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After releasing the ability to search message by date for those people who previously joined the official beta program of WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp is introducing a new feature for text messages to more users who use the web client. Following successful testing with a select group of beta testers over the past few weeks, it appears that WhatsApp is now widely rolling out to more users the ability to apply fresh formatting styles to their text messages: Code Blocks, Quote Blocks, and Lists!

As you can see in this screenshot, the latest updates of the web client finally bring a variety of new text formatting options to improve how users can customize the appearance and layout of their messages. While the screenshot can already give you a glimpse of these new text formatting tools, we can also explore a detailed description with the following list:

  1. Code Block: This tool is mainly designed to make it easier for users to share code within WhatsApp. While it’s commonly used by software engineers and programmers, it’s accessible to all users in various situations, even for better highlighting messages. To format your text as a code block, simply use backticks (`) between the desired text.
  2. Quote Block: The Quote Block is useful for responding to a specific part of a previous message. You can create a quote block by adding the “>” character before the text you want to quote.
  3. Lists: Lists provide a clear way to organize information. You can create ordered lists by adding one of the following characters before your text: “*”, “-“, or numbers.

In our opinion, the addition of these new text formatting tools is a significant improvement in enhancing the user experience when sharing text messages. These tools make it easier for users to apply anew style to their messages, whether it’s for casual conversations or more formal discussions. As we said in our previous article when the feature was in development, we also think that these tools add a more professional touch to messages by helping users convey technical or detailed information with greater precision, and they cater to a wide audience, not just technical experts. This feature was initially rolled out to select beta testers on the iOS app, specifically those who installed the WhatsApp beta for iOS update from the TestFlight app, and it will also be available on WhatsApp beta for Android in the near future.

The feature to apply new text formatting tools to messages is available to more beta testers who joined the official beta program of WhatsApp Web and use the latest version of the web client, and it’s rolling out to additional users over the coming days.

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