WhatsApp beta for iOS what’s new?

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After opening the first official public beta program more than 1 month ago, WhatsApp is already starting to test new features for all beta users, that will be available in future for any user having the AppStore version.
In particular, WhatsApp has recently submitted a new beta update through the TestFlight beta program, bringing the version up to
Let’s find out together what is new or changed ..


  • All these new features and improvements listed here will be immediately enabled in the next 2.19.10 iOS update on AppStore, available soon. I don’t exclude the possibility to see other features remotely enabled, but personally I don’t think it will happen.
  • Details about the iOS beta program are available here, but unfortunately the program is currently full right now.
  • You can check out our TestFlight Page to daily check availability for new WhatsApp beta slots and to accept invites for other iOS beta apps!

Great surprise! After supporting a Location Sticker, WhatsApp has decided to allow the user to use any stickers on images, videos and GIFs!
For example, when you select an image to be sent, if you tap the EMOJI icon at the top of the screen, WhatsApp will present you a new redesigned section, where you can choose between Content Stickers (Location and Time for example, added in previous updates), Personal Stickers (also from third parties — NEW!) and Emojis (as in previous updates).

Any personal sticker is resizable as the user wishes, it keeps a good quality and you can choose to use any sticker from your private collection.
Note that it is also possible to choose stickers received in your chats if you marked them as favorite.



After enabling the Reply Privately feature on Android as announced in the 2.18.335 beta update, WhatsApp has finally started to test this option on iOS, enabling it for beta testers.
This option was already available for iOS when the user wanted to reply to a message from a group where he was no longer a participant, but WhatsApp has finally extended this feature, allowing any type of participant to use it.
To test it, simply tap and hold a received message in a group and in the menu you should see Reply Privately (tap MORE if you don’t see it), as follows:

When you use the Reply Privately option, WhatsApp will automatically open the chat with the sender of the selected received message, quoting that specific message (so when the recipient taps the quoted message privately, WhatsApp automatically opens the group, presenting the message).
The feature works for beta testers and you can select it in groups, but all other users (having an old WhatsApp for iOS version installed) are successfully able to see a quoted group message privately and, as mentioned above, it should be enabled in the future 2.19.10 official update on the App Store.



WhatsApp has developed a new feature to allow to peek and pop cells on the section Status!
What does it mean this? You can quickly see the preview of status updates published by your contacts, if your device supports the 3D Touch technology.

As you can see in the screenshot, you can also quickly mute the status update.
When you peek a status update, WhatsApp won’t send the read receipt: so using this trick, you can invisibly see the first status update without sending any read notification!



Since the release of the Stickers feature, when you send two stickers in a chat, WhatsApp automatically groups them in a row.
Now, managing grouped stickers is easier thanks to some small improvements.
You can see Message Info for a specific sent sticker when it’s grouped with another one. It’s also possible to swipe left on a specific sticker to show its info. Give it a try!

Other improvements: you can forward or delete a single sticker without selecting the other of the pair.
In previous versions, you were unable to forward or delete a specific sticker in the set, you were forced to select both.

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