WhatsApp officially launches an iOS public beta program today!

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WhatsApp has offered a public beta program for Android and Windows Phone in the last years.
You can download the latest beta for Windows Phone here, instead the most updated beta for Android is available here.
The beta program for Android might be full so, for this reason, you can download the beta on APKMirror.
An official beta program for iOS was never available for everyone, because it always was restricted just for a few users.. but today WhatsApp has unexpectedly opened its own public beta program, available for any iOS user!



This invite-system has been a success!
The WhatsApp beta program for iOS is now full.
Please wait for more slots in future.


Finally WhatsApp offers an easy way to try the latest test build today!
If you’re interested to test WhatsApp beta for IOS, you can follow these steps:

  • Download TestFlight from the AppStore.
  • When TestFlight is correctly installed, tap here to request a slot.
  • The process will be immediately started and the website will redirect you on TestFlight: now tap ACCEPT to get your slot!
  • After accepting the invite, you can finally start to test WhatsApp beta for IOS, that will be added in the apps list:

When you tap INSTALL TestFlight will alert you that you might lose the app’s data: don’t worry, your chat history won’t be deleted, but note that you should always back up your chat history before updating WhatsApp to a new beta.

WhatsApp beta for IOS frequently receives updates every two days.
Remember that the purpose of beta testing is to report bugs and issues you experience in the beta build. Tap “Contact Us” in WhatsApp Settings, write a short description (you can also attach a screenshot where the bug is visible): your report is now ready to be sent!
Seen that this is a pre-release build, all WhatsApp developers give more attention to all reports they receive, to avoid problems which can occur in official WhatsApp releases on the AppStore.
Note that slots are very limited: get your invite as soon as possible!


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