New location sticker spotted in WhatsApp!

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We already talked about stickers in an old post, precisely WhatsApp to support Stickers like Instagram“.
We also wrote at the end of the abovementioned article “Probably WhatsApp will add many other stickers later, for example a location Sticker: our prediction will become really reality.


In fact, after implementing two new dynamic stickers in WhatsApp (already available for Android but not for iOS yet), as shown below:

WhatsApp is finally going to implement in future also a location Sticker (we told that 😉)!
When you put a location sticker on images, WhatsApp will load all near locations and the user has to select its favorite location.


The location sticker has two layouts and you can load the other layout tapping on it to see more (WhatsApp is used to create a white and a dark layout for the same sticker):


You can put stickers also on images and videos sent in the chat.
This feature is still under development, so it’s normal if you don’t see it updating the app.
You have to wait that WhatsApp will release it in future for Android and iOS.

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