Instagram to support text stories and new stories screenshot notification!

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This is an unusual article in this website, that’s mainly dedicated to WhatsApp news, but we discovered a new feature in Instagram, very similar to one implemented in WhatsApp, so we had the idea to write this post!
Instagram is currently internally working to a new format for stories, that will allow the user to write text statuses, offering him some customized options.

You will find a new option called Type, swiping right in your Instagram feed to open the Camera. Selecting this option, Instagram will ask you to TAP TO TYPE.

After typing a text, you can customize the story, choosing a font and a nice background color.
There will be 4 Instagram fonts available in the iOS app (these fonts are already available for some users only for stories, mainly in Japan) and the main one is called Modern:

Modern text story font

The second font is called Strong:

The third one is called Typewriter and it will allow you to align the text:

Strong text story font

The last font is called Neon:

Neon text story font

As above mentioned, you will be able to customize the background color for these fonts and sometimes you can highlight the text:

Neon Instagram font with customized background colors

Typewriter Instagram font with highlighted text

Background colors are randomly selected by Instagram itself, but if you don’t like them, Instagram will give you the possibility to take a photo, on which the background color effect will be applied.

Furthermore, it will be possible to mention Instagram users in your text stories, and they may repost it for 24 hours.

So, great changes are coming in Instagram in the next updates, but there will be something else very important.
Actually, when you take a screenshot in a story, Instagram does not notify the user about this action, but it currently does when an user sends you an image in Direct.
Soon this will change: Instagram will notify the user when you will take a screenshot of his story!

Anyway don’t worry, when this feature will be available, Instagram won’t send the first screenshot notification, but it will inform you that the next time it will do.

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