WhatsApp is rolling out the YouTube support to directly view videos in the app!

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WhatsApp was working in these months on a new important feature that allows to view YouTube videos directly in the application.
Finally, since today, WhatsApp is rolling out for all iOS users the possibility to view YouTube videos shared in WhatsApp.

You need to update your WhatsApp version to the 2.18.11 update on AppStore, that brings bug fixes and general improvements, in order to remotely receive the activation of this feature. You may also receive the activation in the 2.18.10 update, but the 2.18.11 version is surely better.
To view a YouTube video on WhatsApp, simply you have to share or receive its url in a chat and you will see in a bubble the Play button.

The video will be viewed, and maximizing the PiP, you will be able to view the video in full screen mode.

As reported in our old article about the YouTube support, this feature had one limitation, that is “it’s not possible yet to keep active the video if you change the chat”: fortunately WhatsApp has worked to allow videos to not be stopped when the user changes the chat.

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t currently available for Android and Windows Phone users, and seems there are no plans to introduce it at present.
If there will be news for these two platform, we will immediately notify you on Twitter and ourTelegram channel about a new post on our website!