Instagram plans to send 2FA codes on WhatsApp

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It’s been a long time since we’ve talked about Instagram, but today we’ll revisit this to show a new feature under development related to WhatsApp. Discover the details below!


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? 2FA Codes
Status? Under development
Availability? Instagram is testing the feature and it will be available in a future update.
I’ve the same version but I don’t see this feature, why? The feature is not available yet for the public, but the attached tweet can show you a preview.
Previous news? WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new?

Instagram is working on a new feature that allows you to choose if you want to receive 2FA codes through WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business!
The feature has been announced by alex193a, always careful to discover the latest news on the Instagram platform (and more):

As you can see in the screenshot, you can choose WhatsApp if you enable SMS first. This feature will be optional and, if you don’t feel safe, you can always enable the app authentication to generate 2FA codes.
In our opinion, this is a good option to rely on, especially when WhatsApp will enable the support for multi device, so you can receive 2FA codes to log into Instagram from the web even if your main device is off.
The feature is under development and it will be available in a future update on Instagram for Android and iOS. Stay tuned to discover more features and news!


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