Happy Rakhi and Howzat sticker packs are available in India

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After introducing a payment chat shortcut to quickly send payments using WhatsApp, the next minor news is about two regional sticker packs.


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Topic about? Happy Rakhi and Howzat Sticker Packs
Availability? This new sticker pack has been released for all versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android.
I don’t see these sticker packs visiting the WhatsApp Store. Why? They are available in India, but read the article to discover how to get them.
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In the past days, WhatsApp has released two animated regional sticker packs, exclusively available in India: Happy Rakhi and Howzat!

Seen that these sticker packs aren’t available worldwide but they have been released in India, you cannot find them visiting the WhatsApp Sticker Store from other countries, so you need a special deep link to get them: this deep link can help you to get Happy Rakhi and this one allows you to get Howzat.
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