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WhatsApp has just submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to
What’s new in this update? Discover the details below!


Common questions Answers
Feature about? Ban Review
Status? Under development
Availability? The feature will be available in a future update.
I have the same version but I don’t see this feature. Why? Seen that the feature is under development, it’s not available yet, but you can see a preview here.
Previous news? News about Terms of Service: they will be optional!

One month ago WhatsApp was starting to work on an in-app tool to ask for a ban review, on WhatsApp for iOS. The feature allows sending a report to WhatsApp directly from the app. The user can include a description of what happened before being banned and further details.
We’re happy to announce that WhatsApp is finally working on implementing the same feature on WhatsApp beta for Android (for a future update) and today we can provide some screenshots!
Let’s start by saying that, yes, you can be banned from using WhatsApp and there are several reasons why you can be banned. Just use their service normally and you’re fine, but it can happen that there are situations out of your control (for example you are added to an illegal group without your consent) and you’re banned. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to ask for a review within WhatsApp:

In this screenshot, you can see the user has been banned from using WhatsApp due to spam. We don’t know if it’s a general explanation, but it’s so. When the feature will be available in a future update, you can request a review, including details about your situation. WhatsApp Support will review your report, including your account activity to verify if there is something wrong. After completing their review, they will restore your account if their systems have wrongly flagged your account otherwise, they won’t unban your account if you have really violated their Terms of Service:

This feature is under development on WhatsApp beta for Android, and it will be available in a future update. We don’t know the release date and, even if the feature seems ready, it might take some time before introducing it to the public.
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