WhatsApp Web will support the Status feature

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Recently we talked about text statuses, an evolution of the actual Status feature and today we are going to present you some information about Status for WhatsApp Web.
WhatsApp is working to support this new feature on the web and desktop platforms, and we can already show you it.


Status Button

List of received statuses

How a status appears

How you see, opening the statuses list is very simple: WhatsApp added a button next to the New chat one.
If you received new statuses, a badge will appear on the button.
Opening the Statuses List, you can see all statuses that you received (new and old), and in this section you can also update your status uploading a photo, video or GIF. Then, you can also use the Camera feature to instantly take a photo.
When you open a status, it will be marked as read if the Read Receipt option is enabled and, if you want, you can type a reply.

Note: this is a hidden feature (learn here what is a hidden feature), and it is still under development.
It will be enabled in next WhatsApp Web version.