WhatsApp to start streaming trailer videos from Netflix

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The last year, WhatsApp has implemented a feature that allowed to play videos (from specific sources) within WhatsApp. The feature was implemented on iOS, Android and WhatsApp Web/Desktop as well.
Recently, WhatsApp started to work to implement more services, and we have discovered something new!


  • The possibility to play videos from Netflix is only available for WhatsApp on iOS.
  • Be sure to have installed the latest version available from the App Store.

We knew that WhatsApp was going to implement more services, but the company already did it secretly.
Our follower Ahmad decided to contact WABetaInfo to inform about a new feature: we have investigated and we can finally confirm that WhatsApp has implemented the possibility to directly stream within WhatsApp trailers from Netflix!
When you share a compatible Netflix link, WhatsApp will show a large thumbnail, with a Play icon:

Tapping the Play icon, WhatsApp will show the video within the app (without opening the Netflix app):

Actually WhatsApp is able to play videos from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Streamable and Netflix trailers, but WhatsApp might have already implemented new services to be playable within the app. If you find a new compatible service, let us know!


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