WhatsApp is rolling out the group description feature for all Android users!

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WhatsApp was working for a long time to improve the group feature in their applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
In these months, WhatsApp has developed many hidden improvements to add to groups, and the first one is about the description of the group.

Since today, WhatsApp is rolling out for all Android users the Group Description, that adds an “About”-like feature for the group.
All participants can view the group description (that’s public in case the group invite link has been shared with third parties) at the top of the Group Info Section.

In the view where there is the preview of the group participants list, it will be possible to read the description of the group.

“WABetaInfo group” is the description.

So, we recommend to not insert sensible info in the description once the feature will be enabled, if the administrators are used to share the group invite link with third parties.

When a new participant joins the group using a group invite link (or an admin adds him), the new participant will see a pinned box, where it will be visible the description of the group.

The pinned description will automatically disappear once the user leaves the chat and it won’t appear again.

All participants can normally edit the group description, but the administrator will be able to restrict this feature, preventing no-administrators to modify the group description.
Note that this privacy option will available in future.

You need to update your WhatsApp version to the 2.18.54 Android beta update on the Play Store, in order to remotely receive the activation of this feature.
In the next weeks the feature will be available for iOS and Windows Phone users too.


The feature is now enabled for Windows Phone too (version 2.18.28 beta)!
The post is available here for specific details and screenshots.

Let us know on Twitter if you like this feature and read our next announcements on our Telegram Channel about when the feature will be enabled for iOS and Windows Phone as well!

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