WhatsApp Web 0.2.8299: what’s new?

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WhatsApp has submitted a new update for WhatsApp Web, bringing the version number up to 0.2.8299.
To be sure to use the latest update, please clear the cache of your browser.
But what features WhatsApp added in this update?
As usual, let’s find out together what is new ..



WhatsApp has updated the login page design, deleting every reference about supported OS.
This is the first time since the WhatsApp Web launch that they redesign the login page.



Yesterday we have published a very good news about WhatsApp for iPad.
In according to our recent discoveries, WhatsApp is currently working to implement voice calls in the new upcoming iPad app, that we remember it will be necessary to have your iPhone connected to the Internet, seen that it will work like WhatsApp Web, but with a redesigned interface.
Considering that WhatsApp for iPad will be WhatsApp Web-based, so like a web-app with push notifications, we have assumed voice calls might be available in WhatsApp Web too, and today we have finally discovered that it will be so: WhatsApp Web will support voice calls!
Futhermore, there are very small hidden references in the new WhatsApp Web update that make us think about the future support for video calls!
These references aren’t very strong, so we prefer to mark the video calls news as RUMOR.
Doing the opposite reasoning, it is easy to imagine that maybe also WhatsApp for iPad will support video calls, but don’t count so much on it, considering we want to take this news easy.
If we will find more strong references about video calls in next updates, we will immediately inform you.

Note that this feature is currently under development: there is not much else to know at the time, but we guarantee you to release more information in next months.

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