WhatsApp beta for Android 2.18.19 and 2.18.21: what’s new?



WhatsApp has submitted two new updates through the Google Play Beta Program: the versions are 2.18.19 and 2.18.21.
But what features has WhatsApp added and removed in this update?
Let’s find out together what is that ..


We talked about stickers in an old post, showing the first supported Stickers Pack on WhatsApp for Android: Unchi and Rollie.

Unchi and Rollie Stickers Pack Selection

Unchi and Rollie

This is only one of the first seven stickers packs supported in WhatsApp, and today we are finally ready to show all them with this 2.18.19 and 2.18.21 update.

Zanimaux and The Defenders Stickers Packs Selection

Futhermore, there is another stickers pack that contains animated stickers, currently supported in WhatsApp.
The first sticker pack that includes animated stickers is called Dragon Clan.

Dragon Clan Sticker Pack Selection

And this is a video demo about how the animated Dragon Clan Sticker looks in the chat:

The other three stickers packs are called Meep, Fox, and Baach, but many other stickers packs will be added soon. Let’s go quickly see how they look in WhatsApp for Android the Meep and Fox Stickers packs:

Meep Sticker

Facebook Fox Sticker

This feature is currently under development: it means this isn’t available yet and it will be remotely enabled in next updates.
You see in these screenshots that there is only one sticker in these stickers packs, but don’t worry: when the feature will be enabled for all users, every pack will have all stickers.


In Group Info, you can find all administrators at the top of the group participants list.

Note that this feature may not work for all users for strange reasons. Let us know on Twitter if this works for you.

Let us know on Twitter if you like this feature and read our next announcements on our Telegram Channel!

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