WhatsApp is releasing a new shortcut for quick replies

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WhatsApp is also releasing new features for the business app: in this article, we explain that WhatsApp is enabling a new shortcut to send quick replies, available on the latest updates of WhatsApp Business beta for Android and iOS!


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? New Shortcut – Quick Replies
Status? Rolling out
Compatibility? The latest updates of WhatsApp Business beta for Android and iOS are compatible.
I’ve installed the latest update of WhatsApp Business beta but I don’t see this shortcut: why? Since this feature is rolled out to select beta testers, it may needed to wait for new updates to see this feature enabled for your WhatsApp account.
Thanks: ismailhnd for testing and reporting!
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WhatsApp Business offers new features and tools to help businesses manage their chats with customers better. “Quick Replies” was one of the first features released for the business platform, that allows reusing frequent messages: thanks to this feature, you could create keyboard shortcuts to quickly send them.
The user has to type “/” in a chat, selecting the message to send from the list. In this week, WhatsApp is adding another entry point for showing all available shortcuts created within WhatsApp Business Settings:

As you can see in this screenshot, the new shortcut has been added in the chat share action menu, but it’s not limited to iOS users: beta testers that are using the latest beta updates of WhatsApp Business beta for Android can see the same shortcut at the same position as well. The reason why WhatsApp has decided to implement another shortcut to open your quick replies is unknown, but probably the new shortcut will help more businesses know this feature.
This feature has been released to select Android and iOS beta testers on the recent Business beta, and more activations are planned after releasing new updates.

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