WhatsApp is experiencing serious issues with last seen at, online status and registration

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WhatsApp is experiencing today serious issues for all their platforms. The issue is server-side, so we have to wait for a remote fix.
Check out together the details of the outage!


A lot of users are sharing some tweets on Twitter, reporting that WhatsApp is experimenting new features like hiding the last seen, the online status, and soon WhatsApp will disable the read receipt: IT’S FAKE!
These are not new WhatsApp features but it’s caused by a general outage or server-side bug worldwide. It’s very important to follow WABetaInfo on Twitter for official and real announcements.


We are updating the article every time WhatsApp fixes an issue.
They have fixed the registration and log in issues.

When other issues will be fixed, we’re going to edit this article again.

UPDATE: WhatsApp has finally fixed all issues! If you’re still experiencing some issues, please wait a few minutes to get a network refresh.



WhatsApp is experiencing issues when updating your last seen:

In particular, when you try to update your last seen, WhatsApp reports an error and the change cannot be done. In most cases your last seen was automatically switched to Nobody, preventing to see any last seen in WhatsApp.

UPDATE: This issue is finally fixed. We’re looking for other fixes now.


WhatsApp is currently experiencing issues to see if a contact is online. So now you can use WhatsApp without let your contacts know you’re online (I know what you are thinking about now, the bad news is good now).
This issue is linked to the previous one, so when “Last seen at” is fixed, you will be able to read the online status.
A lof of users are saying that this is a new WhatsApp feature, but it’s not true: it’s a consequence of the current outage.

UPDATE: This issue is finally fixed.



It’s not possible to register new accounts and to log in using your WhatsApp account, so it’s highly recommended to not uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp, otherwise you won’t be able to use your account until a fix is found.

UPDATE: This issue is finally fixed. We’re looking for other fixes now.

We are currently monitoring the situation and we will inform you about any other change.

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