WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone 2.18.2: what’s new?

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Today WhatsApp has submitted a new update for their beta app for Windows Phone, bringing the version up to 2.18.2.
This update has not visible changes, but we found something very interesting, that’s actually hidden.
Let’s find out together what is the feature..




Since the 2.17.348 update, WhatsApp was working to implement the UI to manage Stickers.
Actually they have created a new tab next to the GIF one, that will allow you to open the Stickers section.

Opening the Stickers section, it will be possible to find two new buttons.
• Recent button: opening this section, it will be possible to find all recent sent stickers.
• Starred button: as mentioned in old posts, it will be possible to star your favorite stickers, in order to quickly share them. Opening this section, you will find all them here.

The feature is not ready yet, so you are not able to see it updating your WhatsApp version..
The UI of this section should be changed before the real activation, presenting new stickers reaction buttons, that you can discover in this Android changelog.

Note: this feature isn’t currently available because it is under development since the 2.17.348 update.

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