WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone 2.17.218: what’s new?

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A new WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone update is available since some hours: the version is 2.17.218.
But what features WhatsApp added in this update?
Let’s find out together ..



As mentioned in an old post about WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone 2.17.170, WhatsApp was working on a feature that allows to select multiple chats and finally this feature has been enabled in the 2.17.214 update, improving the layout.
WhatsApp is continuing to improve this feature, and in future you will be able to pin/unpin and mute/enable notifications for multiple chats.


You can also notice the “You recalled this message.” string and icon in these screenshots, and you can discover more information about this feature after this news.
Note that this feature is disabled by default and it will be enabled for all WhatsApp users in next updates when it will be ready. In fact, as you can see, icons for the mute and pin buttons aren’t ready yet.


We still talk about the recall feature, that will allow to revoke your messages in the recipient’s phone.
As happened in a recent Android update, also in Windows Phone WhatsApp added a “Learn more” button, that will help users to understand how the recall feature works, presenting a FAQ.
This might be a clue that suggests Recall may be available soon.


This is a feature disabled by default that WhatsApp is still working on and it will be enabled in next updates.


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