Spotted the Dark Mode on Facebook for iOS!

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As mentioned in the article where I talk about some features under development like Nicknames, Recent and the Love Animation on Instagram for iOS, in my spare time I can post something related other applications, and this time I have chosen Facebook.
It’s the time to share all the details about a new feature..


  • The Dark Mode feature is not available yet.
  • Facebook is currently working for the implementation and its improvements in the recent versions, so the feature is marked as under developement.
  • Being under development, the feature is not available for the public and it’s not available for beta testers, so it’s all good if you are on the recent version and you don’t see the Dark Mode.

It’s been a while since I don’t talk about the Dark Mode, the last time was when I’ve announced the Dark Theme on WhatsApp Web/Desktop and today I want to publish a different announcement.
Facebook has released the Dark Mode on the website since several months, but what’s the situation on mobile apps?
Facebook is currently working on the Dark Mode for Android, and we had already a preview kindly offered by @Alex193a:

But on iOS? The news is that Facebook is working on it also on the iOS app!
The Dark Mode on Facebook for iOS is equal to the one developed on Android, based on the same gray color (so actually it does not follow — unfortunately, in my opinion — the same colors of iOS 13 and Instagram, but being under development anything might change before the release).
When Facebook will release the feature, it can be enabled in your Settings > Dark Mode:

After tapping Dark Mode, Facebook gives the possibility to choose when to enable it (always or based on your device settings):


When the Dark Mode is enabled, the app automatically changes its appearance. Let’s find out together some examples:

It’s true that some elements still have wrong colors, for example the black status bar in several sections, or the white background under the profile image. But, as you can see, Facebook has reached good results and almost everything in the app supports the Dark Mode.

The feature is actually under development, so it’s not available publicly and unfortunately there isn’t a known release date. Unfortunately we cannot do any predictions, despite the good level reached.


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