Instagram is testing Nicknames, Recent and Love Animation!

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Something different today at WABetaInfo!
In my spare time I could post some announcements about the Instagram app and which features will come in a future release.
Now it’s the time to discover all the details about these features..


  • Nicknames, Recent and Love Animation are not available yet.
  • Instagram is working to improve these features before the release, in order to ensure the best user experience. For this reason there is nothing weird in your Instagram app if you don’t see these features, seen that they are under development and they will be enabled in future.
  • Note that these features might change their appearance or they might have a different behavior after the release.

Instagram is developing a new feature in Direct, that allows to assign a nickname to contacts you chat with!
The option is under development and it will be available in the contact details screen:

When you choose a nickname, it’s only visible to you and it will replace the username of the contact in notifications and in the direct list, so if you’re looking for a user, it’s easier to find him if you set a nickname.


You take a photo using the Instagram camera but you wrongly discard it. This won’t be a problem anymore, because Instagram will introduce Recent!
Using Recent any photo taken using the Instagram Camera is temporarily saved into this section, in order to be used, edited or saved later.

Photos and videos saved in this section will be automatically deleted after 7 days.


Instagram is working to introduce an animation when you like a photo sent/received in direct:

If you experience any issue playing this video, please disable the night mode embedded in the website.


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