The pin feature is now available for iOS users!

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Today WhatsApp has released a new update on the AppStore, bringing the version number up to 2.17.40.
This update has a lot of news, one of which is the pin feature, very requested by all WhatsApp users in these years ..


This feature allows you to pin at the top your favorite chats, in order to quickly access to them.


To pin a chat, you have to swipe right on a chat and tap on “Pin”.

In the same way, to unpin a chat, you have to swipe right on it and tap on “Unpin”.


Actually this is possible to pin up to 3 chats only, but who knows if the limit will be increased in future.

Your pinned settings are also saved in the iCloud backup, so if you will restore WhatsApp, chats that you pinned will be still pinned and this feature is fully compatible with VoiceOver.
Note that when you archive a pinned chat, WhatsApp will automatically unpin it, but if you unarchive it again, you will need to pin it again.
Usually, the first rule before updating WhatsApp is performing a backup, so if WhatsApp needs to optimize the database and something goes wrong, you have your chat history saved on iCloud, but in this case WhatsApp doesn’t need to optimize it to make the app compatible with the pin feature, so there won’t be surely problems for your chat history to update to the 2.17.40 version.
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