WhatsApp to start to open beta program for WhatsApp Business today in some countries!



We discovered how to access to the public beta program for businesses on Google Play, to allow to some users to try the new WhatsApp Business app for Android, an useful tool for your business to communicate with your customers.

This simple procedure works for certain coutries only. We have actually tested it for a few countries (India, Indonesia, Germany, Netherlands and Spain), and it worked for Indonesian users only, at present: this is because WhatsApp has recently enabled the server to accept Indonesian users (we don’t know which other countries are supported).
If you are an Indonesian user or if you are in a different country that we didn’t try and if you have a Business, you can try WhatsApp Business following this guide.

Note that we recommend to use a second phone number. If you haven’t another one, you can use your main phone number, but you should perform a backup of your chat history in WhatsApp Settings..

• Open this link to join the WhatsApp Business program accept the terms.

Screenshots published also by Whatsappen – official WhatsApp Business screenshots.

• Once you accepted, check if you can install the app: if you cannot do, your country isn’t ready for beta testing yet.
• If it was possible to install the WhatsApp Business app, open it and register your phone number. You shouldn’t encounter errors if the precedent step worked, otherwise a message like this should appear (it’s like this app has been downloaded in an unsupported country):

In this case, there is no way to continue.
Instead, if you inserted your main phone number, a message like this should appear:

After this step, enjoy using WhatsApp Business!

At the moment, Indonesian users have the full access to WhatsApp Business, because the server accepts new users in this country. We don’t know if the situation will change in next days, so try it as soon as possible.
If you are from a different country and you weren’t able to install WhatsApp Business, try again this procedure in next days, maybe WhatsApp will open the beta program for other countries soon. In the meantime, become a beta tester following the link in the guide.
NOTE that we do not encourage to normal users to use this application.

PLEASE send us your feedback on Twitter if your country is supported too!

Downloading the WhatsApp Business app, your account won’t be automatically verified: you have to contact WhatsApp to submit a request (and we don’t know if this is already possible).
Note that submitting a request doesn’t mean you will be verified for sure, because WhatsApp will have to verify if your business is really official.

Thanks to @ChannelTheBegal, @rizlds, @Senjghr_Shiki, @adhi_yga, @farhan_ap15 and @_puttraaa
for the help and for testing this correct procedure.

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