New green bubble color spotted in WhatsApp for iOS 2.18.11

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Today WhatsApp has released a new update on the AppStore, bringing the version number up to 2.18.11.
The new update includes some fixes in order to listen voice messages when WhatsApp is in background. This feature didn’t work in the 2.18.10 update and WhatsApp has immediately fixed it.
It also includes a fix for iOS 7 devices where checkmarks may not be visible.



Checking better if there was something else in this build, we have discovered that this update addes a new bubble color that is currently (and already) used to verify the business autenticity in the chat.

As you can see in this screenshot, when WhatsApp verifies a new business account, you will be notified in the chat, where a message in a bubble with a light green color will inform you about the verified status.
In the precedent versions, WhatsApp used yellow bubbles to inform the user about this change, but seen that yellow bubbles are reserved for security alerts, WhatsApp has decided to use a new color for these messages.

When a business is verified, you may see more information in the Contact Info section, if provided from the Business.

You can notice a green Verified Business label under the name of the business, that helps the user to understand that the contact is verified.
In this case, Netflix provided info about the location and the website, that will be visible for you in this section.

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