The contacts list will come back on iOS

In the 2.17.5 update, WhatsApp enabled the Status feature, bringing in the same moment the Status and Camera tabs.


This poll shows how many WhatsApp users want the Contacts tab back.
WhatsApp doesn’t seem to be interested to bring back the Contacts tab, but something will change.

As announced on Twitter, WhatsApp is working on a new Status section in order to add back the Contacts list.
In this new Status section, we can also notice a new icon next to “No recent updates” (that will be shown when there aren’t statuses in last 24 hours), a “New Contact” option, that will allow you to quickly add a new contact in your Address Book and, for each contact, the relative About will be shown.
To save space, WhatsApp also thought to add the “See all” button, that will show you all muted statuses.

It’s not sure if WhatsApp is going to add back the Contacts list in Android and Windows Phone versions, but we will investigate in next updates if they will do it.

This new Status section is hidden and it will be enabled in next WhatsApp updates. Note that this section may get improvements or other changes before the official release.
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Text statuses

WhatsApp is improving the status feature, that soon will allow to share text statues.



Text statuses will be shown in the same Status tab as new status updates, with a particular color.

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Album feature is coming

WhatsApp Albums: this is the name of the new feature that WhatsApp is developing.

Thanks to albums, you will be able to share multiple photos at once (recently Instagram introduced the same feature for its app).
To create an album, you have to share/receive 4+ photos.

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Stickers and new design for GIFs!

WhatsApp will add stickers in the app soon: this is the last news spotted in the iOS version, that shows a new redesign for sending GIFs and, finally, stickers.

As shown here, WhatsApp is going to redesign the GIFs picker, making it very similar to Android and Windows Phone.


You’ll be able to choose a category to search quickly certain types of GIFs, or you can manually search them.

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