WhatsApp announces account security features with new device verification and automatic security codes


WhatsApp has announced new security features to provide users with additional privacy and security. The new features include Account Protect, Device Verification, and Automatic Security Codes, which help users prevent unauthorized access to accounts and protect against mobile device malware.


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? Account security features
Status? Rolling out
Availability? WhatsApp announced they will be adding in the coming months.
I have updated my version of WhatsApp but I don’t have these features. Why? These features are planned to be released to everyone in the future.
Previous news? WhatsApp for iOS 23.6.74: what’s new? WhatsApp is widely rolling out new features for group chats to everyone!

WhatsApp announced in a new blog post new security features that will provide users with extra layers of privacy and security. In particular, these features include Account Protect, Device Verification, and Automatic Security Codes. In the same article, WhatsApp also highlights the importance of using two-step verification and end-to-end encrypted backups, that can only be turned on by the user themselves.

Account Protect is a new feature that helps prevent unauthorized attempts to move your WhatsApp account to another device. This feature definitely doubles down on the security check process and will require users to verify their account from their old device before transferring it to a new device. This feature was announced on this website during the development of the WhatsApp beta for Android update.

Another new feature is called Device Verification: it helps prevent mobile device malware from taking advantage of a user’s phone by using their WhatsApp to send unwanted messages. WhatsApp has added checks to authenticate user accounts in order to protect them if their device is compromised.

Automatic Security Codes are supposed to make the security code verification process easier and more accessible to all users. In particular, WhatsApp is rolling out a new security feature based on a process called “Key Transparency” that allows users to automatically verify their secure connection when clicking on the encryption tab. If you would like to learn more about how this works, you can get additional information here.

Note that these features are not exclusive to WhatsApp for Android as they are also planned to be released on WhatsApp for iOS. As announced in the official blog post, these new account security features will be released to all users on both platforms over the coming months, and they may be available for some beta testers soon.

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