Instagram is going to implement video calls

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We have decided to continue to release some important details about the Instagram development, and, after presenting the new Screenshot/video capture notifications for stories, today we’re ready to talk about a new feature.

At present, the Instagram team is internally working to implement in the application the possibility to video call other users.

A new icon will appear in the navigation bar in the chat, as it happens in WhatsApp:

Screenshot from a version of Instagram for iOS

The feature will be immediately accessible once the user opens an active chat with another one: this means you will be able to video call only if the other user has already accepted the request to chat, otherwise the icon won’t appear.

Tapping on that icon, the video call will start. Instagram hasn’t actually implement other UI elements for the video call (so there’s not much to publish) and for this reason we should wait more to see this feature enabled.
This feature is under development, so it’s normal that you don’t see it updating your Instagram app: it will be enabled in next months, and it will be available both on iOS and Android platforms.

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