Discovered the purpose of the Delete (disappearing) Messages feature!

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In the recent WhatsApp for Android and iOS updates, we have discovered a new feature called Disappearing Messages, under development, that will automatically remove messages after a certain amount of time.

The first hidden tracks of the feature were spotted in the WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.275 update. Although we published the screenshot only from the Group Info section, we had announced that the feature would be available for individual chats too.
In the WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.348 update, we’ve noticed some changes for the feature that WhatsApp is working on: new time options and the feature renamed to Delete messages (available in future).

Initially we didn’t understand why WhatsApp decided to rename this feature, but we weren’t surprised seen that they did the same thing with the Revoke message feature (with Unsend message and now called Delete for everyone).
Today we have finally new details: thanks to the recent WhatsApp beta for iOS updates, we have discovered that the feature was renamed in the iOS app too, removing any its reference in individual chats!

Investigating, we have discovered that the WhatsApp team has changed its plans about how the feature should work, becoming a sort of “cleaning tool” for groups.
Groups have usually a lot of messages and this feature could help to save your phone storage, deleting old messages automatically (only administrators will be able to enable/disable it).
This change implies that the feature will have totally another sense. Probably, if you like this feature and you want to use it with a specific contact, you will be forced to create a group with him, seen that the feature will be only available in groups.
Unfortunately, as for the Dark Theme, we don’t know any release date for the feature and any its detail might change again before the availability. Stay tuned with us to learn more in future!


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