Big plans for Messenger: new design, disappearing photos and videos, translations and more!



Version: 156.0

Messenger has recently released a new update on the AppStore, bringing the version number up to 156.0.
The official changelog on AppStore, as usual, does not report detailed information about what’s new in this update, but we have discovered that Facebook has very important plans to improve its Messenger app, that will be available in future.


Here you will find a list of features that are not available yet.
Messenger is working to improve these features in order to ensure the better user experience with bug-free in the next official releases, so it’s okay if you have updated the app and you don’t see them.
Note that, being features under development, they may change their appearance and behavior in the final development. We are just showing the current progress of it and we don’t know any release data.


In these years, Facebook has modified a lot of times the design of the Messenger app, creating confusions because some sections and features were often moved.
In the 156.0 update, the dev-team has implemented a different new UI, very simple, clean and intuitive.

Seen that this is an experimental UI, Messenger might slightly modify it before the future release.


When you will tap and hold a conversation, a new sheet appears presenting some quick actions.

This sheet seems to be fully developed and ready for the official release: it means it shouldn’t be further modified.


The tab called Discover will be redesigned too, and you will find here the Games feature. Before Messenger had a specific tab for Games, but it will be removed.


Messenger was already interested to this feature a while back, and finally they are going to implement it in next releases.
When the feature will be officially enabled for everyone, Messenger will notify you after opening any chat.

When you will make a photo or record a video, Messenger allows to choose to send it as a disappeared message.

A new button called Permanent will be visible next to the Save one: it means the photo will be stored in the chat.
When the user toggles the Permanent button, the Disappearing feature will be enabled: in this situation, the media will disappear in the chat after the recipient sees it.
We’re not sure if Messenger will implement a feature to choose the expiration time, but at present this feature is missing.


The Availability toggle is back!
You will be able to configure this option in your Messenger Settings.

Note that in Messenger Settings will be also available your Connections to Facebook and Instagram.


Calls will get many improvements soon.
The first step is to allow to call pages.

Pages will be able to disable the option to prevent to receive calls.
The next step will allow to generate a video chat invite link: this means you can share the link of your current video chat to other friends.
Note that, at present, only the strings are added about this feature, so nothing can be shown here right now.
Video chats will have a dedicated new option in Messenger Settings, that suggests new features are coming for them.


In the Contact Info section, a new option will be available that allows to automatically translate every message in the current local language.
The user can configure this setting in specific chats.

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