WhatsApp Web 2.2025.5: what’s new?

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WhatsApp has just released a new version for the web client, bringing the version up to 2.2025.5.
What does the update contain? Unfortunately there is nothing visible, but continue to read the article to discover all the details of the update!


  • The Dark Theme feature is not available yet.
  • WhatsApp is working on the feature since a few months and they will continue the development in order to ensure the best bug-free experience for you.
  • VoIP Calls are not enabled yet, because it’s a feature under development.
  • Seen that they are two features under development, they are not available yet in your WhatsApp Web and Desktop update.

In an article published some months ago, we have announced that WhatsApp was working to implement a Dark Theme for their web and desktop clients.

We have also published a way to test the feature before the release (article available here). Today, thanks to the 2.2025.5 update, we have discovered that WhatsApp is working on a different Dark Theme using alternative dark colors (they are doing the same for the dark iOS bubbles):

These alternative colors are a bit darker, and the green color was completely replaced with the gray one.
It will be possible to enable the feature in WhatsApp Settings > Theme:

The feature is not available yet because it’s under development. There isn’t a known release date and it will be available in future for iOS, Android and, obviously, WhatsApp Web.



We have previously announced that WhatsApp was working to implement Voice and Video calls in WhatsApp Web/Desktop:

Unfortunately WhatsApp is still developing the feature, but there is a good news: WhatsApp will allow group calls as well on WhatsApp Web/Desktop!

We will post an announcement when there is news: stay tuned!


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