How to enable the original Dark Theme on WhatsApp Web!

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We have published an article about the development of the Dark Theme on WhatsApp Web. The feature is still under development, but today we’re ready to provide a way to enable it before the official release!


  • The new Dark Theme feature is not available yet.
  • WhatsApp is working on the feature in the recent few updates, in order to ensure the best bug-free experience for you. The Dark Theme is currently under development, so it’s not available yet in your WhatsApp Web and Desktop update.
  • Seen that the feature is not available, the Dark Theme won’t appear after opening WhatsApp Web, but you can follow this guide to enable the theme today.

We have presented the Dark Theme for WhatsApp Web/Desktop in a previous article. We have recently shown their recent results for the development, and we have noticed that the Dark Theme is ready, but unfortunately WhatsApp isn’t releasing it yet.
Are you sick of waiting for the activation? Just follow this guide to enable the dark theme!
The trick was originally discovered by the smart Thales, a member of the WABetaInfo Discord Server Community:it’s really easy to apply, even if you have not good computer skills!
Note that we’re using Google Chrome, but any browser is good for the activation.

  • Open WhatsApp Web from the official page.
  • Log in using the QR Code if you didn’t do it yet.
  • When WhatsApp Web is ready to be used, we can start to apply the trick: right mouse click outside the chat and tap “Inspect”.

  • The browser shows now the console and the code of the page. Now you have to scroll at the top of the code to find the string ‘body class=”web”‘:

  • “web” is the class of the original theme, the one you are currently using. Let’s replace it with “web dark”!

  • When you have replaced the string, confirm tapping ENTER: WhatsApp Web will use now the dark theme!

You need to repeat the procedure every time you refresh the page, or when you open WhatsApp Web from a different location (for example from a new browser or from a different browser card).
The feature is originally not available, but using this trick you can already use the theme: thank you again Thales for sharing the trick with my community!


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