WhatsApp to develop 2 types of Dark Theme for iOS

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In these months, we talked a lot of times about the development of the Dark Theme for Android.
The latest news was about the Dark Bubbles for Android, but today we can finally show more about the development for iOS..


  • The Dark Theme feature is not available yet.
  • WhatsApp is working very hard on the feature in the recent updates, to ensure the best bug-free experience before its release.
  • There is no issue if you have updated your WhatsApp beta version and it’s not visible for you, seen that it’s under development.
  • We have no details about when the feature will be released for everyone, because WhatsApp is currently working on it. So we invite you to be patient.

We talked about the Dark Theme feature for iOS a long time ago, precisely with the 2.18.100 update.
This update had hidden tracks of the Dark Theme, and we were able to show you a preview:

Recently, WhatsApp has decided to re-write the Dark Theme, probably on the occasion of the Dark Mode implemented on iOS 13.
At first, the situation wasn’t very clear, because it seemed that WhatsApp was going to implement more themes:


In recent days, we have unearthed that WhatsApp was really implementing more themes, but as configurations.
The new Dark Theme has three configurations (but only two configurations have been implemented now):

The first Dark Theme adopts a configuration using very dark colors, for the table and cells background:

The second Dark Theme adopts a different configuration, that uses soft dark colors, for both table and cells background:


Both themes share the same configuration for the Dark Bubbles:

It’s not clear yet if WhatsApp will allow us to choose the configuration that we prefer to use. Actually it seems that WhatsApp will automatically choose the configuration, based on the device accessibility settings, but it’s still too soon to say seen that the feature is under development.
Stay tuned with WABetaInfo to discover when WhatsApp will start to roll out the feature!

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