WhatsApp to add support for the ShareChat video service!


I decided to start a marathon of features today, announcing several news that will be available in future on WhatsApp for iOS and Android. Being under development, a lot of these features might change their appearance before the release, but we will keep you updated about any small change.
Let’s discover all them together!


  • The support for the ShareChat video service will be available in future.
  • WhatsApp is testing the feature before the release: it’s currently under development and unfortunately there isn’t any release date available.
  • When the feature will be available, we’re going to post an announcement. Screenshots are from WhatsApp for iOS and WhatsApp for Android.

As announced on Twitter, today I start to announce new features available in the next WhatsApp versions!

The first news was about Search by date option, to quickly search messages picking a date, available in future for iOS (and Android, seen that WhatsApp is going to add the same features for all their platforms). We’ve also talked about the new tools for Storage Usage on WhatsApp for Android.
In this article we talk about the integration of the Share Chat video service in WhatsApp. ShareChat is a famous Indian Social network where you can explore various types of content, such as photos and videos. Recently it has also closed a lot of accounts for spreading fake news, a fight shared with WhatsApp.
WhatsApp has decided to integrate a dedicated player for videos hosted on ShareChat, so you will be able to see them within WhatsApp.
When the feature will be available and you share a ShareChat video link, its preview willbe available in WhatsApp:

If you tap the play icon, WhatsApp will start to reproduce the video:


WhatsApp is obviously planning to add the ShareChat video service support on WhatsApp for Android as well, as shown by this screenshot:

The feature is currently under development for iOS and Android and I will post an announcement when WhatsApp is going to release this integration: stay tuned!

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