WhatsApp is testing a Search by date feature

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I decided to start a marathon of features today, announcing several news that will be available in future on WhatsApp for iOS and Android. Being under development, a lot of these features might change their appearance before the release, but we will keep you updated about any small change.
Let’s discover all them together!


  • Search by date feature is under development and it’s not available yet.
  • WhatsApp is testing the feature before the release: it’s in an alpha stage of development and unfortunately there isn’t any release date available.
  • When the feature will be available, we’re going to post an announcement. The news is from WhatsApp for iPhone, but we don’t exclude to see it on WhatsApp for Android too, because WhatsApp is used to add the same features for all platforms.

As announced on Twitter, today I start to announce new features available in the next WhatsApp versions!

The first news is: WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature that allows to quickly search a message picking a date!
WhatsApp already supports an in-chat search feature, but it is complicated if you want to search a message sent/received on a specific day. Using the Search by date feature, this will not be a problem!
Being in an alpha stage of development, the feature is not available yet for the public, but we can show you a preview.
When the feature will be enabled, a new Calendar icon will be added when you use the in-chat search mode:

WhatsApp will show a date picker if you tap the calendar icon, so you can decide the exact day where WhatsApp should start to show the search results!

This feature will be very useful to quickly reach the first message in the chat.
The feature is under development and it will be available in future: being in an alpha stage of development, the feature might change its appearance before the release.
We will announce it when the feature is finally available.


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