WhatsApp removes the Messenger Rooms shortcut!

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It happens that WhatsApp removes some features: it’s the case of the shortcut for Messenger Rooms, removed for specific users on WhatsApp for Android and iOS. Why?


Common questions Answers
Feature about? Messenger Rooms Shortcut
Status? Removed
Compatibility? WhatsApp beta for iOS and WhatsApp beta for Android are marked as compatible updates.
I have the same version but I still see this shortcut. Why? WhatsApp is starting to remove the shortcut for specific users. They might remove the shortcut for your WhatsApp account later.
Previous news? WhatsApp is releasing a group icon editor

More than one year ago, WhatsApp has released a useful shortcut to create Messenger Rooms, allowing up to 50 participants to join a group video call on Facebook.
Today there is news: WhatsApp is (finally) removing this option, deleting it from the chat share sheet and the calls section on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS:

Why has WhatsApp removed this shortcut? WhatsApp verifies which features are used by their users. If the feature didn’t achieve success, it means it’s the moment to modify it. In this case, they have verified that the option is not used, so they might have thought it would have been better to remove it, maybe including a good replacement for the next updates. We will be following the changes!

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