WhatsApp is rolling out Messenger Rooms shortcuts for Android beta!

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Recently we have talked about Messenger Rooms shortcuts, a fast way to connect with people placing a video call that suppors up to 50 participants. But what are these shortcuts? Where did WhatsApp add them? Discover reading this article!


  • The Messenger Rooms Shortcuts feature is available for specific countries and users.
  • Being a feature rolled out in specific countries, the feature might not be available for you.
  • First visible references about Messenger Rooms shorcuts are found in 2.20.163 Android beta.

The topic of the day is Messenger Rooms, a service that gives the possibility to create particular rooms.
You can invite people in your rooms with an invite link, so they can join your video call, even if they don’t have a Facebook account.
The service was implemented in Facebook Messenger, but what has WhatsApp to do with it?
We have presented those shortcuts in the 2.20.139 update, where the feature was under development. Those shortcuts allow to quickly create a room, with a fast redirect to the Facebook Messenger app.
Today, Facebook is rolling out Messenger Rooms globally:

Seen that Messenger Rooms was rolled out globally, WhatsApp had decided to do the same, starting to roll out Messenger Rooms shortcuts gradually, for some users having the 2.20.163 Android beta update installed!
First reports say WhatsApp was starting to roll out the feature in the USA. More countries will be following in the next few hours.
To discover if the feature is already available for you, just check out the chat sheet: if it contains the Rooms icon, the feature is correctly enabled for your WhatsApp account.

Note that the Rooms shortcut replaces the old Camera action, that’s still available in the chat bar.
If you tap Rooms, WhatsApp will present an introduction, explaining what’s the feature:


But wait, that’s not all: WhatsApp has also added another shortcut in the Calls tab:

Being a feature developed in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp will ask if you want to open that application in order to continue the operation:

The feature was also recently spotted in the WhatsApp Web 2.2019.6 update (under development), and we expect to see it soon on iOS too.


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