WhatsApp Messenger beta for iOS what’s new?

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WhatsApp has just submitted a new update through the TestFlight beta Program (currently closed), bringing the version up to
What’s new in this update? Discover everything below!


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? New Chat Bubbles
Status? Rolling out
Compatibility? WhatsApp Messenger beta is marked as compatible update.
I’ve the same version but I don’t see new chat bubbles, why? Try to restart WhatsApp. If you still don’t see new chat bubbles, please wait for the next beta update.
Previous news? WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new?
WhatsApp Messenger (22.2.74)LAST SLOT AVAILABILITY
230 days, 1 hour, 38 minutes and 30 seconds ago

The beta program is closed.
Check out TestFlight or Twitter to discover when it's available.


We already explained that WhatsApp was going to refresh chat bubbles 3 weeks ago, and today WhatsApp is finally releasing a compatible update with the feature!
When you update to the newest build from TestFlight, and you don’t see chat bubbles, be sure to kill and reopen WhatsApp again: this process should allow WhatsApp to reload chat bubbles, using the new interface:

What’s changing? I admit that I was very surprised that a lot of followers on Twitter didn’t notice the changes after reading the previous article about chat bubbles. In this case, I’ve decided to post a screenshot focusing on empty chat bubbles.

  • Rounded bubbles: new chat bubbles look more rounded now.
  • Size: new chat bubbles are larger now.
  • Colors: you can clearly see from the screenshot that colors are different, in particular for dark bubbles.
    1. Old light bubble color: #E1F6CA
    2. New light bubble color: #E2FDD5
    3. Old dark bubble color: #295F60
    4. New dark bubble color: #204F46

Chat bubbles are available today for beta testers, and I’m sure you will immediately notice the changes after using them. It’s also possible that those new chat bubbles will be already available in the next 2.21.200 update on the App Store.
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