WhatsApp is working on animated emojis feature with Lottie to enhance user messaging experience


WhatsApp is developing animated emojis by using the Lottie library. The feature will definitely improve the messaging experience for users by offering a new element of humor to our conversations. This feature has been spotted during the development of WhatsApp Desktop beta and it will be released in a future update of the app.


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? Animated emojis
Status? Under development
Availability? WhatsApp is working on bringing animated emojis to a future update of the app.
I have updated my version of WhatsApp but I don’t have this feature. Why? This feature is under development and its release is planned for the future, but you can discover a preview in this article.
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WhatsApp has been focusing on improving the quality of life of its users by introducing new features and enhancing the existing ones. One such feature that will improve the user messaging experience is the ability to share animated emojis, spotted during the development of WhatsApp Desktop beta and planned to be released in a future update of the app. This cosmetic improvement to the app will definitely enhance the user experience while sending messages to make messaging more fun and communicate feelings more effectively.

As you can see in this video, WhatsApp is working on bringing animated emojis to the app at a later date. Animated emojis will be sent by default when the animated version of a certain emoji is available so users may not have control over turning off the animation. These animated emojis are designed by using Lottie, an optimized library that lets designers easily create animations: these animations are small in size, and it is possible to change their proportions without losing quality.

While the introduction of animated emojis will surely be appreciated by a lot of users, we also understand that they may cause some distractions as some users may prefer to have a simple messaging experience without unnecessary animations. For this reason, we think a toggle directly within WhatsApp Settings that would allow users to manage this feature may be useful.

The ability to send animated emojis is under development and it will be released in a future update of WhatsApp Desktop beta. While this feature is under development on the web/desktop client, we can also confirm that WhatsApp is working on bringing the same feature to a future update of WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android. As always, there will be some new articles when we have further details to share with you.

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