WhatsApp is rolling out the Ranking feature for IOS beta users!

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After opening the first official public iOS beta program, WhatsApp is already starting to test new features, that will be available in future for any user having the AppStore version.
WhatsApp is developing a new feature since a few weeks, on both IOS and Android, and today I’m ready to release the first visible news of IOS Beta, seen that the beta program is now public!



  • The Ranking feature isn’t available for Android yet. It will be available in future.
  • Read below to discover if the feature is already enabled for you.


Since today, WhatsApp is rolling out the Ranking feature for any IOS user having the version beta installed.
Let’s explain what is this feature and how it works.
Precisely, the Ranking feature, as the name suggests, will automatically rank all your contacts, in order to detect which contacts you interact with more.
This algorithm analyzes various elements, for example:

  • How much you chat with a specific contact per day (so if you send and receive messagesnormal ranking — if you send and receive mediagood ranking — if you ignore the message — bad ranking).
  • If you are used to call a specific contact (that’s the best way to increase the ranking).
  • If you and a contact are in the same group and you interact each others (with replies and mentions).
  • If you view or ignore a status update published by that specific contact.

These data are used in the Status Updates section.
Status updates published by the contact with the highest ranking (that should be contacts you interact with more) will be always at the top of the list, so you will be quickly able to find your favorite status updates.
So, seen that the ranking feature is enabled today, the status updates list won’t be chronologically sorted anymore. Check out this example:


In this example, WBI has published a status update 2 minutes ago, instead Test has published it 22 hours ago.
When the Ranking feature wasn’t enabled, the status update published by WBI was the first of the list, because it is the most recent status.
When the Ranking feature is enabled, the chronological order isn’t revelant: seen that Test has an higher ranking (because I’ve interacted with more than WBI), it will be the first status update in the list.
Seen that the chronological order isn’t important anymore, you won’t be able to read when a status update has been published (this information is available when you view the status update), but you will read “1 new” (if there is 1 new status update): so if you read “1 new” instead of the time, it means the feature is correctly enabled for you and it starts to rank your contacts.
This algorithm is very similar to the one adopted by Instagram.

Seen that the feature has been just enabled today, it will require some time before WhatsApp is able to rank all your contacts, so you should still see the status list in chronological order.
In the next days and weeks, you will notice a different order, based on the ranking.
Important note: The ranking feature just works locally. It means that no data is sent to WhatsApp/Facebook about your ranking information.
Nothing is stored in the server, it’s everything saved on your phone.
In fact, if you reinstall WhatsApp and you don’t restore from the backup, WhatsApp will start to rank all your contacts again.


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