WhatsApp is rolling out the Predicted Upload feature!

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Recently WhatsApp allows to re-download deleted media on the Android platform.
Instead, about the upload process, WhatsApp was secretly developing for a long time a new feature for efficiently sharing images.
Let’s find out together what is it ..



  • You need to update your WhatsApp version to the 2.18.61 iOS update, in order to benefit from all the advantages of the Predicted Upload feature.
  • About Android, the situation is really different. WhatsApp is slowly enabling the feature for a few users only since the 2.18.156 stable version, and it will need a lot of time.. but the feature doesn’t seem to work yet, although it is correctly enabled for some luckly users. Surely WhatsApp will carry out some checks and, for this reason, I encourage you to wait.
    The feature might work on Android beta versions as well, downloading the app from the Google Play Beta Program.
  • About Windows Phone, WhatsApp is still experimenting the feature.
  • Read later to discover if the feature is already enabled for you and please report us on Twitter if it correctly works, in particular if you are an Android user.


Since today, WhatsApp is rolling out for all iOS and Android users the Predicted Upload feature!
Let’s find out together how the feature works.
As the name suggests, WhatsApp is now able to predict when a photo is going to be sent in a chat: in fact, the purpose of this feature is to upload in advance a photo to the server.
When you end to select photos in your Camera Roll, so when you press Done..

And WhatsApp redirects you in the Edit Photo section, WhatsApp already sends in background the image to the server.. immediately!
So, when you tap the Send button (without modifying the photo), confirming that you want to send the image to the recipient..


You can notice the photo is already delivered to the server, immediately presenting the grey tick
In fact, the icon      won’t appear (or it will appear for 0.0001 seconds only) because the photo is already delivered to the server.
To discover if the feature is already enabled for you, iOS or Android user, you simply need to select an image in WhatsApp, then wait 5-6 seconds in the Edit Image section and after tapping the Send button, check if the image is already delivered to the server.



  • So, WhatsApp immediately sends to the recipient the photo, without presenting     ?
    NO! WhatsApp sends the photo to the server, not the recipient.
    When you tap the Send button, you confirm you want to send it to the recipient too and it will be immediately sent without delays.
  • What is the best way to verify if the feature works?
    You can select 12 photos to send in a chat. Just for the test, wait 10 seconds before sending them. After tapping the Send button, you can notice the sending is instantaneous.
    Seen that the feature might have issues on Android, the best platform where to test the feature is iOS.
  • I’m an Android user and the feature doesn’t work! Why?
    As mentioned above, the feature has a lot of issues on Android, although the feature is enabled. So don’t worry, there is nothing wrong in your phone, seen that it’s a common issue.
    In this case, you need to wait the next updates.
  • Does the feature work for videos and GIFs?
    The feature is available when you share photos. It’s not compatible with videos or GIFs.
  • Does the feature work for WhatsApp Web?
    It won’t work if you’re using WhatsApp Web. It just works from your phone.
  • Does the feature work on Wi-Fi only?
    The feature works on Wi-Fi and Cellular network as well. The process is very optimized, so don’t worry.
  • If I discard the photo, what does it happen to the photo sent to the server?
    In this situation, the photo is useless and it will be deleted.
  • If I use drawing tools, what does it happen to the original photo sent to the server?
    The Predicted Upload feature just works for unedited photos. It means if you use drawing tools, the old original photo will be deleted and the edited photo will be sent to the server only when you tap the Send button (so no prediction).
  • When WhatsApp sends the image to the server before tapping the Send button, is it end-to-end encrypted?
    Yes, of course. Everything sent to WhatsApp servers (except metadata) is end-to-end encrypted.

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