WhatsApp is finally developing the iOS Business app!

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After introducing WhatsApp Business for Android, many users have expressed their willingness to get the iOS version of the business app.
There was really no news about the development of the iOS app, almost as if WhatsApp wasn’t interested to develop it.. but finally today we’re able to show you something very important ..


  • WhatsApp Business for iOS is not available yet.
    The development requires a lot of time in order to reach the final release.
    It’s currently not ready and, as shown below, the app hasn’t many Business features.


The request to develop WhatsApp Business for iOS was very popular from the users.
Many tweets were addressed to WABetaInfo on Twitter about this version.


And finally, we can announce that since some weeks, WhatsApp started to hardly work to develop the iOS Business app, and we can show you the point of the development.
At present, the WhatsApp Business for iOS app hasn’t many business features contained in the respective Android version, such as Labels and Quick Replies, seen that it’s at an early stage of development.
As we can see, WhatsApp is currently working to implement the Greeting Message feature, the first messaging tool, obviously already available in WhatsApp Business for Android.
Enabling the Greeting Message feature, an automatic message will be sent to new customers or after 14 days of no activity, with a customized message.

WhatsApp Business for iOS

The iOS Business app will have all features that the main WhatsApp app has. For example, it has already enabled all groups features available in the 2.18.51 iOS update (changelog released today, give it a look!): the two apps will follow the same stage of development, but the Business app will include more features very useful that allow to improve the communication with the customers.
As above mentioned, WhatsApp Business for iOS is under development and it’s not publicly available, but we will keep you updated once new Messaging Tools will be added in the business version. Stay tuned!


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