WhatsApp is developing a Quick Edit Media Shortcut

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It is so long since WhatsApp has worked and enabled new features, but finally today we can present a minor feature that will be enabled in the next updates.
It is currently under development, and being a very minor feature, it shouldn’t be enabled after a long time.
Let’s find out together now what’s the feature ..


  • The Quick edit media shortcut feature is not available yet.
  • WhatsApp is working on the feature in the last few weeks, in order to ensure the best bug-free experience for you, before the release for everyone.
  • For this reason, there is no issue if you have updated your WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS and it’s not visible for you, seen that it’s under development.
  • We have no details about when the feature will be released for everyone. So, for this reason, we invite you to be patient.

The feature I’m going to present today is about media.
Has it ever occurred to you that you have received a photo, you copied or saved it, then you sent it again with some modifications? So, this is the feature for you!
The Quick Edit Media Shortcut helps the user to save time and storage. It quickly allows to edit media you sent and receive in your chats and groups.
The feature works on Android and iOS (but being under development it’s not available yet), and it adds a button to make it easy:

iOS screenshot

As you can see, there is a new button called Edit, that, if tapped, WhatsApp will automatically redirect to the section that allows you to edit the media!

The same happens on Android, and we can provide a demo video:

NOTE: The new media won’t replace the old one. I think the name of the feature might be misinterpreted, so I prefer to specify that it’s not an Edit/Replace Media feature like the one implemented in Telegram, but simply “copy this photo and show the Doodle section where you can add text and stickers on the media”.


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