WhatsApp is asking to accept Terms of Service again

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It’s less than a month till the validation of the new Terms of Service for all WhatsApp users. Are the new Terms of Service safe? What’s really changing? Read below to discover the details.


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WhatsApp is recently presenting a new in-app alert about Terms of Service for those who haven’t previously accepted them, for iOS and Android.

Are they really so dangerous for our privacy? This article will be decisive and I will post the common questions:

  • Will our messages with friends and family be shared with Facebook or any other company?
    Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted: it means that WhatsApp and Facebook cannot see their content. They aren’t shared with WhatsApp or Facebook and only the recipient(s) can see or listen to them.
  • Will our messages with business accounts be shared with Facebook or any other company?
    Business accounts can use solution providers, a set of tools used to store and manage our chat with them. These tools help businesses to reply to your messages effectively. Businesses have their own privacy policy that might indicate your chat with them to be shared with Facebook, in order to generate targeted advertisements. This is a particular type of business account (usually with a high verification level) and when a business uses cloud providers to manage and store your WhatsApp chat, it’s marked in the app. Messages shared with business accounts that don’t use cloud providers (or if they have good privacy practices) aren’t used to generate targeted advertisements.
  • Ok, so businesses are different and the changes are about the ones that use cloud providers. How can I know if a business is using them?
    If you see a similar alert in a business chat, it means it’s using a solution provider service:

  • If the changes are for business accounts, why do we have to accept the terms? Business accounts should accept them.
    Everyone has to accept the new Terms of Service because standard WhatsApp accounts can interact with businesses.
  • Is Facebook Shop important in the Terms of Service?
    Yes. Every time you interact with Facebook Shop, visiting the business info, some data related to this action are shared with Facebook, for example what you see in the shop, and it might influence your experience on Facebook with targeted ads.
  • Are the WhatsApp Catalog and Facebook Shop the same place?
    No, and if you use WhatsApp Catalog, no data is shared with Facebook.
  • And Location? IP Address?
    I’ve explained a lot of details about your location in the article about Apple Privacy Labels for WhatsApp. I’d like to suggest you to read that article. These data are processed to keep your WhatsApp account safe and they aren’t used to influence your experience on Facebook.
  • I don’t like that my data is shared with Facebook. What to do?
    Well, if you have carefully read above, you have understood that changes are about Business accounts that use cloud providers and Facebook Shops. If you don’t like these two major changes, you can avoid to use these services because they are optional. You can still chat with family and friends, keeping your messages and calls safe. You aren’t forced to chat with a business that uses cloud providers, and you’re not forced to use Facebook Shops. If you don’t like these changes, just avoid these services and you’re fine.
  • You’re a page that announces news about WhatsApp. You cannot say these Terms of Service are dangerous for us. You’re biased.
    I totally understand you, but I could simply avoid to talk about Terms of Service publicly. Nobody is forcing me to explain what the new Terms of Service are. Nobody is forcing me to declare fake news, and WABetaInfo has always fought against fake news. It would be a paradox and this explanation is totally objective.

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