WhatsApp for iOS 23.10.77: what’s new?


WhatsApp has just submitted a new stable update for iOS, available on the App Store: the build number is 23.10.77.
What’s new in this update? WhatsApp is widely rolling out a feature to add a call link to the calendar app!


Common questions Answers
Changelog about? Add call link to calendar app
Status? Rolling out
Compatibility? WhatsApp for iOS 23.10.77 is marked as a compatible update, but some users may be able to get the same feature by installing the previous 23.10.76 build.
I have the same version but I don’t have this feature, why? Although WhatsApp has officially announced the feature, some users may receive it over the coming weeks, as mentioned in the changelog on the App Store.
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In the article about the WhatsApp for iOS 22.21.77 update, we announced that WhatsApp was releasing the ability to create call links. This feature allows users to share a link to initiate a call, even with people who are not in their contact list. A few days ago, the WhatsApp for iOS 23.10.77 update was released on the App Store. After installing the update, we can confirm that the ability to add a call link to the calendar app is really rolling out to everyone, as mentioned in the official changelog!

The official changelog still mentions news regarding the companion mode, announced in our article about the WhatsApp for iOS 23.10.76 update, and the ability to automatically play GIFs, but it also highlights a feature to add call links to the calendar app. This feature works as an additional reminder so that the user doesn’t forget that they have generated a link for a WhatsApp call. When you create a call link, you can tap the action “Add to Calendar”, available within the same section where you usually create a call link from the Calls tab. After selecting this option, the call link will immediately be added to the calendar app.

If you don’t have this feature, note that some accounts may receive it over the coming weeks, as indicated in the official changelog. Please stay ahead by regularly updating WhatsApp from the App Store and the TestFlight app to get the feature in the future in case you don’t have it after installing this update.

The feature to add call links to the calendar app is available for iOS users that install the latest update of WhatsApp from the App Store. Make sure to install this update to enjoy a better user experience.

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