WhatsApp for iOS 2.18.90 changelog is available

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Version: 2.18.90

Today WhatsApp has released a new update on the AppStore, bringing the version number up to 2.18.90.
We have analyzed the update in order to find what’s new and changed, so let’s immediately discuss about the changelog ..



    WhatsApp 2.18.90 is only compatible with iOS 8.0 and newer.
    This means iPhone 4 and all other devices still on iOS 7 (for example iPhone 4S, 5 and 5S) are no longer supported, but you can still use WhatsApp (2.18.81 version if you’ve previously activated your account on this phone) on iOS 7 until February 1, 2020.
    If you have an iPhone 4S or newer on iOS 7, please update it to the latest IOS version available if you want to continue to use WhatsApp and all its new features added in next updates.
    WhatsApp 2.18.90 doesn’t originally support iOS 12 yet, also if there aren’t problems at present but, for a compatible version with iOS 12, you need to wait a few updates.
    I don’t know any release date, but note that the last year a compatible WhatsApp version for iOS 11 has been released on October, so maybe you need to wait a few weeks.


    In these months, WhatsApp has developed a new feature that should help the user to recognize Suspicious Links, shared in your chats.
    When you receive a message that contains a link, WhatsApp analyzes it locally (so no data are read from the server) in order to detect if it’s suspicious.
    A link is suspicious when it contains unusual characters:
    To test the feature, you have to receive a message from any other user (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) that contains a Suspicious Link. For example, you can ask to your friends to send a message that contains this specific link: https://wabetaınfo.com.

    If you read the link carefully, you can notice that this is not my website, because it contains a different character: so when you will receive it in the chat, WhatsApp marks it as suspicious.

    In addition to the update, WhatsApp has also released a new FAQ related to the Suspicious Links feature, that you can find here.
    Note that WhatsApp does not collect detected suspicious links.



    WhatsApp is starting to roll out for all iOS users (having iOS 10 and newer) the Notification Extension support!
    Note that the roll out is very slow (probably WhatsApp has missed to configure something in their servers to immediately enable the feature for everyone) and it might be necessary a few days in order to receive the feature.
    Let’s find out together how the feature works.
    Thanks to the new Notification Extension, you are able to see images and GIFs preview in your notifications!
    This new feature also allows you to download images and GIFs directly from the notification if you’ve disabled the auto download Settings!
    To verify if the feature is already enabled for you, ask to a friend to send you an image, and something similar should appear when you peek and Pop or swipe down the notification:

    And, as we’ve mentioned above, you can also view GIFs media:

  • You will also see a thumbnail in the notification for images and GIFs.



    WhatsApp now supports Wallet, as mentioned on the AppStore:


    You can now search status updates:


    When you view a status update, you can see the contact’s profile picture next to the name:


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