WhatsApp Business beta for iOS is finally available today!


After the launch of the official WhatsApp Business for Android, a lot of users asked a compatible version for iOS. We don’t know the reasons why it wasn’t available together the Android version, probably because WhatsApp has more users on Android, but today we’re happy to announce the iOS version is finally available in beta!


Since today, WhatsApp Business for iOS is ready to be downloaded from beta users for free! Link Invite is available on my TestFlight page now! Be fast! (UPDATE: after my announcement, the beta program is — already — full, but you can check out the TestFlight page to discover the availability).
The app, as we’ve announced in our old articles, has the same features of the main iOS version, but it includes useful messaging tools for businesses, and a different tint color (darker blue).
Let’s see how the app works!


After installing WhatsApp Business beta for iOS from TestFlight (compatible with iOS 8 and higher), we are ready to configure it.
When we launch the new app the first time, we learn that WhatsApp Business is a simple, secure and reliable way for businesses to connect with their customers:

To use WhatsApp Business, you need to accept their Terms of Services. If you tap Agree & Continue, WhatsApp will ask if you want to migrate your chat history from WhatsApp Messenger to WhatsApp Business:

You can choose to migrate your chat history, all chats from WhatsApp Messenger will be transferred to WhatsApp Business, and you will be logged out from WhatsApp Messenger, otherwise you can configure WhatsApp Business using a different number. If you want to migrate your chat history, please back up it in WhatsApp Messenger, because we cannot foresee any possible error!
After the configuration, you can create your Business Profile, selecting a Business Category:

WhatsApp notes that the Business app is recommended for business, so you should use WhatsApp Messenger for everyday messaging:



You can reach Business Settings opening WhatsApp Settings, where some options are available:

Those options, called Messaging tools, are the main WhatsApp Business exclusive features, that are not available for WhatsApp Messenger.

These tools include a Recipients feature, that allows the user to choose the recipient of that specific message, as shown below:


Selecting Profile it’s possible to view and customize the Business Profile:

Here it’s possible to change the category (for the Business name you can go to WhatsApp Settings > Profile), and you can configure Business Hours tapping “Edit”:



The Greeting Message feature is one of the first messaging tool implemented in WhatsApp Business, obviously already available in WhatsApp Business for Android.
When you enable the Greeting Message feature, an automatic message is sent to new customers or after 14 days of no activity. It’s possible to customize this message and its recipients:



This useful business tool can be used to automatically reply with a message when the business isn’t available. If you don’t like this feature, WhatsApp allows to disable it.

As you see in the screenshot, it includes:

  • An option that allows to customize the away message.
  • A Schedule feature, so you can customize when the away message should be sent.

  • A Recipients feature, so you can choose who should receive the message.



When you interact with your customers, you can quickly send messages using some keyboard shortcuts for frequently sent messages.
Opening Quick Replies, you can view all shortcuts created from you:

Tapping +, you can create a new quick reply. Once creating it, you have to type “/” in the chat, selecting the message you wish to send.

WhatsApp Business beta for iOS is available today for all countries and more interesting features will be available in future. Download it now from TestFlight.
WhatsApp Business will be available on App Store as well in the next weeks.

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