WhatsApp beta for iOS what’s new?

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WhatsApp has recently submitted a new update through the TestFlight Beta Program, bringing the version up to
I always recommend to back up your chat history before updating to the new beta: if there is something wrong with the update, your messages are safe on iCloud and you can downgrade to the precedent version from TestFlight or App Store.
Let’s find out together what is new ..


  • All features and changes listed in this article will be available in the next version on the App Store, the 2.19.100 official update.
  • If you want to join the WhatsApp Messenger beta program on TestFlight, you can consider to join my Discord Server, in order to receive push notifications when a beta access is available (if the beta program is currently closed), or check out my TestFlight page every day.
  • If you are curious to join other beta programs (including WhatsApp Business), you can visit my TestFlight page: a great collection of a lot of beta links.
WhatsApp Messenger ( SLOT AVAILABILITY
133 days, 10 hours, 45 minutes and 28 seconds ago

The beta program is currently closed.
Check out TestFlight or Twitter daily to discover new availabilities.


In a precedent post we learnt that WhatsApp is developing a boomerang feature for the next updates.
Today, in the update, WhatsApp has introduced another feature already implemented in Instagram: the possibility to accurately adjust text, emojis and stickers on photos, videos and GIFs.

For example, when the user wants to send a photo to a contact, he can choose to add static or content stickers, text and emojis on the photo. Using this new feature, WhatsApp helps the user to align the object on the photo:

It’s possible to use this feature for media posted as status updates too.
The feature is already available for everyone having the latest beta downloaded from TestFlight: update your build to use it!



The 2.19.100 version is not compiled using the iOS13 SDK, but it contains a lot of fixes for bugs (layout, disappearing keyboard, animations, iCloud etc..) introduced with iOS 13. It’s likely that you can encounter other bugs too: in this case you should go to WhatsApp Settings > Help > Contact us, to report the issue.
Being not compiled using the iOS13 SDK (but 12.4), enabling Dark Mode nothing happens.

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